Monday, July 7, 2008

Hectic week

What a week. I haven't updated my blog for awhile because of a few things. One being I was too tired and too lazy to update. Two being that I've been working and my brothers were at home so I wasn't bored lol. So I'm gonna try and sum up about all the points of interest that happened throughout the last week.

I met Tasha two nights ago. She's the girl that I met when I was studying at Legenda College. And ever since she moved and studied at UTP perak, I only see her about once a year. haha! It was fun. Chilled at her friends' house till almost 5am. I was barely even able to keep my eyes open for the drive back home but I managed tho. XD Hope to see her again soon. Such a chatterbox. But that's always a good thing in my books. :D

Next off!!! My training, yeah!! I've been really drilling myself and I think my body is starting to get the hang of it. I'm still hurting, but not as much anymore. So I'm thinking that this is a good thing. haha! As a result of my rigorous training, I've gained major height in my tricks and more spacial awareness. I'm gonna try harder and keep pushing myself and see how far I can get. :D

I've tried out a few new things on the music side. I wrote a new song and uploaded it on myspace. It's a malay song titled "Nyawaku". It's a song about a guy having to let go of his girl cuz she found another guy. I've been experimenting with different chord progressions and melodies, and this is kind of an experiment of sorts. You can listen to it here.

Okay, so on saturday, instead of heading to the gym, I went to meet the organisers for the UIA extreme sports event that they are gonna be holding next month. It was a long drive to Gombak. With the traffic being as shitty as it is, we reached there after about an hour and a half of driving under the hot sun. And after the meeting we reached Bangi at about 4pm and decided to go watch a movie. Picked up Siddiq and drove to Alamanda where we met Miki on the way there and had our late lunch. It was my first time catching a movie at Alamanda since its pretty new. We were hoping to get the 5pm screening but unfortunately, it was already sold out and we had to take the 7.45pm show. And the seats were'nt great either. 2nd row from the front. Yep. Very nice. XD

So this means that we had about 3 hours to burn till the screening. So we chilled outside the cinema. There's this little park out there and its pretty shady. So we had a little fun and had a tricking session there to fill the time. Miki brought out his RM5k gear which he just got that includes a 40D, an 18-55mm kit lens and a 50mm f1.8. Awesome gear, and he took a lot of shots of us. Below are the pics courtesy of Miki mouse. :D

And another good news. This saturday, a film crew from RTM's Gen-X teen show is gonna do a cover on us. So I guess we're gonna be on tv? :P Better get my moves right when they shoot. rofl. So more updates later. A lot of things have been happening, and I'm hoping it's gonna stay that way. So enjoy the pics and thanx for viewing my blog. :D


Weee~~ said...

noob! Increase your backflip height xD!
hahahah, anyway, what's up with ammar having a picture only and yours a ton of em?

Amir Hamzah said...

that one was only the 3rd and last rotation of my triple backflip dude. too bad the cameraman didn't get the first 2. damn. XD

Amir coool!!~~ said...

like triple backflip or 3 consecutive backflip?? xD OMG! So half-tucked triple back! SHIT! I bet you did a triple back layout too!!! When was that? urm, 1991 is it? yeah2..I know2.. xD

Merissa K. said...

oooh. i see my name. yeayy! hahah/ oh. and those shots of you are amazing man!