Friday, June 20, 2008

Training when it's raining

It rained again earlier today. Up till 6pm and after. But I couldn't just stay at home like yesterday. So I went out to train in the rain. At least there wasn't any lightning. If there were I'd probably just stay home and sleep. :p

Didn't learn anything new today, just polishing on some of my current tricks. Trying to get comfortable with them. So I think that's what I'll be doing for some time to come, which is drilling those same tricks until I can do them without thinking :P

So as you guessed, I got myself wet. Especially on the mat, I was quite okay until I got on the damn thing and bailed. My ass was the first to taste the cold water that the mat was retaining. But it was fun, can't really remember the last time I played in the rain. :p

Tomorrow's gonna be the shoot. A movie shoot for this upcoming movie. I forgot the title but the infamous Mawi will be playing the leading role. pfftt. Mawi. Lucky bastard xD kidding.

Im guessing there's gonna be a lot of waiting as usual tomorrow. I hope I can find myself a spot to catch some shut eye cuz I don't think that I'll be having enough sleep tonight since it's already almost 1am. Im going to bed after I publish this.

Below are some of the photos that I edited from said, earlier training session. None of me cuz I was behind the lens. And I'll be taking some photos tomorrow as well. Hopefully it'll be a fun job. :D

Alright, enjoy the pix and have a good night.

This is Amirul posing

Abudi launching to a webster

Abudi and poser Amirul doing a backflip

Another one of Abudi's weird flip variations

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