Monday, June 30, 2008

Round off back woooh!!!

Had another training session today. :D It was supposed to be the three of us, Me, Abudi and Ali. But then Ali betrayed us and went off with his girlfriend woot?? So in the end it was just me and abudi. Training went really really well. I managed to pull of the 2 tricks that i've been too scared to do before, the round-off backflip and the 3step j-turn thing. weeee!! but despite the good news, abudi got an injured leg after doing a front flip. :O which was later confirmed the cause was from him doing an A-twist with a bad landing. :O

Ya, the face of the pembelot. haha!!

Me leg is injured mon

oh and i just uploaded my new song at but the sound quality is still not so good. :P


Abudi is injured :( said...

cartwheel=DANGEROUS!! HIGH RISK trick..

A-twist=A Loser variation of cartwheel= You DIE! :(

Abudi hate the Atwist! said...

My knee meniscus which is my knee cartilage or the washer is torn! The frigging atwist teared it up pretty well! Good job well done atwist!