Saturday, June 14, 2008

Maxis Broadband for my first entry :(

Hello world!

So I finally got myself connected to the internet, and to think that I thought that this wireless broadband thing really was reliable. But i was wrong. Dead wrong. I was hoping it would at least give me hassle free web browsing. What i found out was, much to my demise later on was that there is a 3GB bandwidth limit per month and there's some really major throttling shit going on for those whose even considering of using and p2p software and to to top it all off I'm being made to pay for the full 3.6mbps when I only get on average nothing above 400kbps which is appalling.

Whatever it is, I guess I'll be stuck with this thing for a while. At least until next year when WiMax comes out in Malaysia, I just hope it won't be too expensive though.

Its almost 3am and I'm still awake. I need to reset my computer to install some pirated shit. Later people :)

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