Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eating and drinking and sleeping

Tomorrow I've got work. Seems that there'll be another scene where I'm supposed to be innit. It feels pretty funny to not have to hide my face from the camera. :p But yea, its good tho.

The shoot will be in Kajang. Quite near to where I live, its a first for me heading somewhere so close for work and another first of not having to break a sweat for a day of shooting. So today has been another of those uneventful days. Didn't go out for the whole day except to take some pics of my cats in the garden and garage. Went topless which was a mistake. Can't even count the mosquito bites that I got. XD

I'm trying to upload one of the photos to my flickr but the connection's acting up again. Feel like cursing la, but its already 2 am in the morning. Don't wanna wake up the rest of the family. haha!

I've been trying to write a new song. But I don't know what to sing about. There's been nothing going on in my life that I can draw inspiration from at the moment. I have the layout but I don't have the melody. :( uncool. I'm giving it some time tho. Recording bits and pieces whenever I feel like it.

My eyes... I can barely keep 'em open. I'm very sleepy, but I wanna upload this pic but I can't. F***!!! Last try, if this time it doesn't get uploaded then screw it. I'm going straight to bed.

Yep managed to upload it but not on flickr. I can't even upload pics to my flickr? WTH?? Man this is really making me cranky. So anyway, here's the pic :D

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